Monday, November 1, 2010

Google AdSense Payment

Google AdSense Payment :

Google AdSense does not deposit your payment straight after you reach your payment threshold. They follow some formalities to do so. Before they send your payment, they verify your identity. This is why you must use your actual identity and home address. The home address should be as elaborated as much as possible. After you reach $10, they will send a letter to your home address via standard post mail containing a pin (Personal Identification Number). You will be needed to enter the PIN on your account after you reach payment threshold of $100.

After you reach $100, you will have to confirm 3 things before you can apply for the payment.

1.    Entering PIN.
2.    Providing tax information (for USA Publishers only)
3.    Selecting payment method.

Entering PIN: As I said earlier they will send you a PIN, you need to enter it. Normally you can receive the mail in 2-3 weeks.

Providing tax information:
If you are a citizen of USA, you will have to provide proper tax information. This is not applicable for NON-USA citizen.

Selecting payment method: You will have to select your payment option according what option is suitable for your country. Now Google is able to send payment via 4 different options.

Google AdSense Payment Schedule:

Google pays monthly. If you are eligible to be paid (min. $100) before the 25th of the August, then payment will be issued by 25th of September. By this time Google will check yours earning validity, means whether you earned following any method that goes against TOS or not. If they feel you have broken the TOS of Google, they will ban you. After they issue your payment, they will send your money following your selected payment option.

If you get banned while they are issuing your payment, your payment will not reach. But if you get banned after they have issued your payment and sent it, you will get your payment.

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