Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Tri Nation Big Show 2011 Dhaka Bangladesh

Tri Nation Big Show in Dhaka, Bangladesh 2011 Performance Summary 

The Bollywood Dhamaka Continues in Bangladesh. The “Destiny Group Tri Nation Big Show” is about to begin with in a day at 24th of February, 2011. You may have already been informed about some big fishes of Bollywood, who are attending in the Show.  Salman Khan, Akshay Kumar, Katrina Kaif, Anushka Sharma and many others are going to perform in the show. The show is organized by Bangladesh Cricket Board associated by ATN Bangla.

The show will be held in Bangabondhu National Stadium. The Mega stars of Bollywood Salman Khan, Katrina Kaif, Akshay Kumar will fly to Dhaka tomorrow morning by a special airplane. Salman Khan from Bangkok, Kartrina Kaif from Mumbai and Akshay Kumar from Chandigarh will separately arrive in Dhaka with special airplanes in Thursday morning. In the same day, a special Jet Airways will be flew to Dhaka with 150 perfomers along with Anushka Sharma, Riya Sen, Pritam an his band Metro. Two band groups of Sri Lanka will attend the show.

The show will be started with Bangladeshi performers. The show is scheduled to start from 4PM local time (+6GMT). The show will start with folk songs performed by Kironchondro Rai, Forida Parvin, Chondona Mojumdar and Bari Siddiki. There will be dance performance with a group having 200 performers.

Shakib Khan will perform with Bindu, Mim, Sokh and Tinni.

The concert will start at 4pm local time and end at 10:30pm. Satellite channel ATN Bangla and Boishakhi TV will telecast the program live.

Karina Kapor can not attend the concert. Due to the change of the schedule of the concert her appearance was canceled. The show was scheduled at 17th of February previously.

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Ticket Price and Short details of Tri Nation Big Show 2011

Monday, February 21, 2011

Destiny Tri Nation Big Show Dhaka 2011

 Tri Nation Big Show in Dhaka, Bangladesh 2011: Salman Khan, Akshay Kumar, Katrina Kaif, Anushka Sharma.

At 17th February, it was a historical day in Bangladesh. Bangladesh organized the ICC World Cup Inauguration and Starting event which was a spectacular ceremony. The people could see the ability to arrange a successful program in Bangladesh. Another Show is going to take place to celebrate the historical moment of Bangladesh Cricket, which is named “Destiny Group Tri Nation Big Show”. This is supposed to be the Biggest Show in Bangladesh history in terms of the presence of number of stars. There will be many Bollywood Mega Stars performed along with stars from Bangladesh and Sri Lanka. The “Destiny Group Tri Nation Big Show” will be held on the Bangabondhu National Stadium, Dhaka where the Starting ceremony of ICC World Cup held just some days ago. The ticket prices are available from BDT. 2, 000 to 25, 000. Satellite channel ATN Bangla and Boishakhi Television will telecast the program live. The Show is organized by ATN Bangla in associated with BCB (Bangladesh Cricket Board).

“Destiny Group Tri Nation Big Show” Details:

Date: February 24, 2011.

Place: Bangabondhu National Stadium, Dhaka.

Performers: Salman Khan, Akshay Kumar, Katrina Kaif, Anushka Sharma, Rimi sen, Pritam, Shakib Khan and many more….

Ticket Price:
  • Gallery: TK. 2,000
  • Bronze: TK 3,500
  • Silver: TK. 10,000
  • Gold: TK. 25,000
  • Platinum: Call for Price
  • Priority: Call for Price
Tickets available at:
  • The Westin Dhaka.
  • Helvetia (all branches).
  • Vasavi.
  • Destiny Group Marketing Dept. (Mahtab Plaza, 3rd Floor, Kakrail).
  • Samarai Convention Center (Panthapath, opposite of Bashundhara Shopping Complex).

Saturday, February 19, 2011

ICC WorldCup2011 opening ceremony video

Download and Watch ICC World Cup Cricket 2011 Opening and Inaugural Ceremony video:

The World Cup Cricket is Back in Asia after 15 years and what a fabulous opening ceremony for World Cup Cricket 2011 in Dhaka. The Cricket World as well as the people will remember the opening ceremony for many years. The ceremony was full of colors and fireworks. It was such a spectacular night in Dhaka. Bangladesh will be proud for this event. The ceremony lasted for about 138mins.

Details: (1 File)
File Name: Cricket_2011_World_Cup_-_Opening_Ceremony_x264_-_VB.mp4
File Size: 1413.4 Mb (1482108369 bytes)
Video info: 400x300, fps
Audio info:  kbps, Hz

Download The Full Video

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

New Dhaka for World Cup 2011

New look of Dhaka for the World Cup Matches and World Cup starting ceremony:

Well, we have less than a day before the biggest ICC Cricket event starts and guess what the ICC World Cup Cricket 2011 Opening Ceremony is staring in about 8 hours from now at 6:15 PM local time (+6GMT) in Bangabondhu Stadium, Dhaka. The people of Bangladesh have gone crazy with this event. The World Cup is everywhere. It has become now a hot topic to discuss everywhere. At television’s talk show, News, Newspaper, Internet, Cricket is now a common part of discussion. The reason is very simple. In this Cricket crazy country, this is expected. The whole Bangladesh come together only when Bangladesh wins and this is all. Cricket is probably the only sport, where Bangladesh plays at a top level.

The World Cup was first time played in Asia in 1987, when India and Pakistan arranged the tournament. In 1996, the World Cup came to Asia again and that time Sri Lanka along with India and Pakistan host the tournament. Now, it’s in 2011, Bangladesh is proudly hosting World Cup along with India and Sri Lanka. Pakistan was eliminated as a host due to security concern.

Let’s come to Dhaka, where 6 matches will be played. Two group matches and two more quarter finals with the Inaugural Ceremony.

Dhaka was arranged beautifully for the World Cup. Especially the roads are much cleaner now with more light and color. The footpaths are now almost free from Hawkers. The divider of the roads is now decorated with lights. A new Dhaka has born for the World Cup. This is the impact of World Cup. You can see more discipline among the people. The nearby building of the roads is painting with colors. The person, who has recently visited Dhaka a month ago, if he returns to Dhaka, will be astonished to see the new look. This is the look, what the Dhaka city deserved to be. In last 20 days, there were some major changes in Dhaka city and hopefully all over Bangladesh.

The countdown started 100 days ago with a countdown timer established in different parts of Dhaka city.  Now its time to rock on Dhaka. We are all ready for it.

ICC World Cup Cricket 2011 Opening Ceremony

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Share Market Business Bangladesh

What is Share Business, Reasons behind issuing share by a company, Risks involved in Share Business:

What is 'Share':
In plain and simple, share is the owner ship of a company. Share represents a claim on the company’s assets and earnings. As you acquire more shares, your ownership stake in the company becomes greater. Whether you say share, equity or stock, it all means the same thing.

Why does a company issue share?
A company could keep the profits and earnings for the owners of the company. In order to extend market share or get bigger asset, at some point every company needs to raise money. To do so, company can either borrow it from somebody or raise it by selling part of the company, which is known as issuing share. The first sale of share by a company is called the Initial Public Offering (IPO).

Risk involvement in share:
This is a very important factor you believe in risk when you want to invest in share market. There is no guarantee of what percentage of capital you will gain, where and when the share price stops in up-end or low end and how long it takes to get the profit. It is true, no company or institute can guarantee. However, you can measure the risks in various ways. That is why it is essential to do some “Home Work” on a company before you invest. The Home Work should be calculating earning per share (EPS), total debt, relative price strength, profit margins, volume, industry leader and so non. You can also reduce the risk by diversifying the portfolios and measuring the correlation between a share and market index. A less risk taker has options to invest in Bond 9fixed returns) or a company that provides dividends at the end of the year. However, investors need to measure”expected rate of returns” first and it should be high enough to compensate the investors for the perceived risk of the investments. Risk is contrary to the positive profit, but there is also bright side. Taking a greater risk demands a greater return on the investments.

Friday, February 11, 2011

ICC World Cup Cricket2011 Tickets

The ICC World Cup Cricket Inaugural and Staring Ceremony available Tickets, Prices, Banks:

The ICC World Cup Cricket Inaugural Ceremony will be held in Bangabondhu Stadium, Dhaka in 17th of February. A fantastic starting event is going to happen. To be a part of this event, you also need to spend a handsome amount. The tickets are available from 13th of February. Dhaka Bank will provide the tickets.

Ticket Price of ICC World Cup Cricket 2011 Inaugural Ceremony:

East Gallery – TK. 1,000
International Gallery (West) – TK. 10,000
International Gallery (East) – TK. 10,000
Grand Stand (Lower Level) – TK. 20,000

Tickets are Available from the following Branches of Dhaka Bank, Bangladesh:
  • Banani
  • Khlgaon
  • Dhanmondi
  • Gulshan-1
  • Imamganj
  • Kawran Bazaar
  • Local office, Motijheel
  • MoghBazaar
  • Uttara
  • Mirpur

A person can buy maximum 2 (two) Tickets.

So, get ready to buy tickets of this extraordinary ICC World Cup Cricket Inaugural Ceremony event and enjoy.

ICC World Cup Cricket2011 Free Theme Song Download

Download ICC World Cup Cricket 2011 Theme Song -  Bangladesh, India, Sri Lanka
The ICC World Cup Cricket 2011 is knocking the door. There are 14 countries are participating in the World Cup contest and every country tried to lift up the team in different ways.. As a part of this, they have made Theme songs with video to encourage the team for the World Cup. Specially, the three host countries- Bangladesh, India and Sri Lanka are ahead in this matter. They already have made some exciting Theme Song for their country.

Download ICC World Cup Cricket 2011 Theme Song:

Maar Ghuriye - 3:58min - 3.70MB - Download
Shoto Asha -3:42min - 3.45MB - Download 
Cup Kintu  Aktai by Mehrin - 2:18min - 2.14MB - Download

More Bangladesh World Cup Album

De Ghuma ke - 3:55min- 3.71MB- Download

Sri Lanka:
De Ghumake (Sinalhese Version) - 3.55min- 4.9MB- Download
Sinha Pataw Derane - 3:48min - 3.49MB - Download
Jaya Gosata Rock Wemu - 4:22min - 3.99MB - Download
Here We Go - 3:54min - 3.57MB - Download

Lets Get This - 3:03min - 2.82MB - Download

ICC World Cup Cricket2011 Opening Ceremony Bangladesh Full Video Download

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

ICC World Cup Cricket2011 inaugural event Bangladesh

ICC World Cup Cricket 2011, World Cup Cricket 2011 inaugural and starting ceremony, Singer Bryan Adams in Bangladesh:

The ICC World Cup Cricket 2011 inaugural ceremony is going to take place at Bangabondhu National Stadium in Dhaka. The date of the show is 17th of February, just 2 days before the main event starts. There were a lot of rumors in the air about the show. Bangladesh Cricket Board wanted pop star Shakira to invite at the event. But somehow, its not going happening. But we have some news here. The Cricket Board has revealed the features of the Inaugural Ceremony.

Ceremony Details:
The excitation will be mountain high for Bryan Adams from Canada. The Singer of the popular song “Everything I do…..”. The main event starts at 6:15PM (GMT+6) at 17th February. Before the main event, there will be a pre show with Bangladeshi Singers. Four female and 4 male singers will sing 8 songs from 4PM local time. Then there will be pause due to “Magrib Prayer”.

The Prime Minister of Bangladesh will come to inaugurate the even at 6:15 PM local time.  A welcome song “Sagoto Pitibhi (welcome earth)" will be presented. Star singer Sonu Nigam from India will then be present will song and with his song all 14 captains from 14 countries will enter to the fiend in Rickshaw. Well, this is an interesting part. Rickshaw is a 3 wheels vehicle drawn by a puller. It is very common in sub continent, but not in the other parts of the world. The prime minister will then announce the World Cup officially with all captains’ presence. She will hold a scanner in her hand and there will be a display of the logo of the World Cup Trophy at nearby TradeBank building. The stadium will be dazzling with fireworks on the sky. This will be tremendous to watch. Then there will be speech from Prime Minister, ICC President, BCB President, Sports Minister and Finance Manager. The next segment is called ‘Colors of Celebration”, where the host countries India, Sri lanka and Bangladesh will show up their own culture. Time duration for India and Sri Lanka is 12 minutes and 20 minutes for Bangladesh. You will be introduced with Language Movement in 1952, Liberation War in 1971 and tribal people of Bangladesh in Bangladesh part. Some renowned singer of Bangladesh Sabina Yasmin, Runa Laila, Momtaz will sing. There will be provided 3 minutes for Bangladesh Tourism Board to advertisement the natural beauty of Bangladesh. This part is significant for us to show what we have got by the bless of nature.

Then Bryan Adams will come to the stage. He is the biggest attraction of this even in terms of entertainment. His sub continent tour will come to an end with this performance. He will be there for 10 minutes. After his performance, the theme song will be sung by Sankar-Ehsan-Loy in both Bengali, Hindi and Singhalese lyrics. LED kite show, Laser Show, fireworks on the sky will keep entertain the whole world.

This is how  the inaugural ceremony of ICC World Cup Cricket 2011 will come in an end.

Tickets for Inaugural Ceremony of ICC World Cup Cricket 2011:
The tickets will be available from 10th February, 2011. The associated Bank for the ticket selling is Dhaka Bank. Most of the tickets are for Invited Guest. There will be 10 Thousands tickets available for the general people.

ICC World Cup Cricket2011 Opening Ceremony Bangladesh Full Video Download

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Dhaka Stock Exchange

Dhaka Share Market, Dhaka Stock Exchange:
The share markets of Bangladesh recently witnessed wild volatility. Recent experiences have made us believe that anything can happen in our capital market. Most of the investors lost up to 60% of their capital. We saw their protest in T.V. and newspaper. They were mentally upset as they have already lost a great percentage from their capital.  At present Government steps, merchant banks and mutual funds must play the vital role in achieving a stable market.

Dhaka Stock Exchange: 
Dhaka Stock Exchange (Generally known as DSE) is the man stock exchange in Bangladesh. It is located in Motijheel at the heart of Dhaka city. Motijheel is the business center of Bangladesh. It was incorporated in 1954. Dhaka Stock Exchange is the first Stock Exchange in Dhaka city. As of 18th August, 2010, the Stock Exchange had over 750 listed companies with a combined market capitalization of $50.28 billion. 

Friday, February 4, 2011

Elevated Expressway Dhaka

First ever Elevated Expressway across Dhaka city:

Elevated Expressway is building across Dhaka city for the for the first time. The world is already informed about Elevated Expressway, but it is very new in Bangladesh. The people of Dhaka city are experiencing the heck of Traffic Jam in their daily life. Traffic jam problem has become a concern to everybody. The way population of Dhaka City is increasing day by day, in very future there will be no place to even step forward. The vehicles are remaining paused in traffic signal minutes after minutes, in some cases they spend an hour. This is why, to reduce the traffic Jam in Dhaka city, the Govt. has opted to build an Elevated Expressway. This seems to be an interesting and better approach from the Govt. of Bangladesh. Let’s take a look at some information about the first ever Elevated Expressway in Bangladesh:

The route of Elevated Expressway in Dhaka:
The proposed Elevated Expressway of Dhaka will be 26 kilometers in length. The route will be like this way

Shahjalal International Airport> Kuril> Banani> Mohakhali> Tejgaon> Sat rasta> Mogbazar> Komlapur> Golapbagh> Jatrabari.

The main road will be 21 kilometers in length. There will be added two more roads of 5 kilometers with this. One road is from Manik Mia Avenue to Tejgaon Rail Crossing and another will be from Nilkhet to Moghbazaar. Later in addition, the Elevated Expresway will be increased up to Narayanganj in South and Gazipur in North.

Who will construct the Elevated Express way in Dhaka?
Bangladesh Govt. made a contract with ital-thai group of Thailand in 19th January, 2011. The contract is valid for 25 years; where 3 years will be considered as contraction time and the company will receive toll for rest 21 years. The contraction cost is estimated 8,703 Crore Taka (approximately $1244 million). Bangladesh Govt. will provide 1,800 Crore Taka (approximately $258 million).

Toll fee:

To use the Elevated Expressway vehicles will be charged. The estimated charges are as below:

Private Car, Micro Bus Sport, Utility Vehicle: 125 Taka
Bus: 250 Taka
Truck: 500-750 Taka

The estimated completion time of Elevated Expressway in Dhaka is 3 years from 2011-1014.

I don't know whether this is a luxurious step from The govt. or not considering the economics of Bangladesh, but this became a must to the People of Dhaka city. Everybody hopes there will be no corruption in terms of making this Expressway and it will be completed  in time. Then the people will relieve from the from the pain of Traffic Jam.

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