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Eve-Teasing Problem Bangladesh

Eve-Teasing Problem, Negative Effects of Eve-Teasing in Bangladesh:

These days there has been raised one more concern in Bangladesh. The concern is termed as “Eve-Teasing”, which could blast out through the country in an alarming rate, if it is not protected in a proper way.

What is eve-teasing?
Eve-teasing is normally meant as teasing a girl or woman. “Eve-teasing” refers to public sexual harassment or street harassment to a girl by a boy, when it turns into a serious issue. Eve-teasing is a very common term in India, Bangladesh, Nepal and Pakistan.

Eve-Teasing in Bangladesh:
Eve teasing is not a new problem in Bangladesh. It is a concern since many years. Almost every young girl is a victim of teasing, especially by the local young teaser. The most of the people may avoid it as a common matter with young generation. Yes, it is. But it is not every time. It can be tolerated until no girl is being attacked. But when it crosses the line, it will raise as a problem to us. It is surely a social problem. These days, many girls have committed suicide only to safe themselves from eve-teasing. That means, eve-teasing in Bangladesh has reached its maximum range. This is against the women rights without any doubt. Those who are involved with this kind of embarrass stuff can be named as a terrorist.

The teasers wait in schools, colleges or outside the house gate and as soon as girls walk passed by them they start teasing with ribald comments, smutty jokes, coarse laughter, sly whistles and even indecent exposure.

According to a daily newspaper, two girl committed suicide only in October 2010. In the last 7 months there 4 girls were killed and 42 were injured. Well, this is just a ruff measurement, which came across the people’s attention. There happened many occurrences like this, which were not published in the newspaper. In most of the cases, the victims shy to exposes these incidents.

Negative effect of Eve-teasing in Bangladesh:
Eve-teasing has a great negative influence over the family, society and of course the country. The demerits of eve-teasing are very clear to us. Many girls are committing suicide to save them from the teasers. This is not only frightening but threatening as well. Recently one Mother was killed to save her daughter from the eve-teasers. This is a real shame. Many of Girls are feeling insecure to go the schools. As a result, the parents are not allowing the girls to go to school or even outside of home. This is how the drop-out rate of female students is increasing day by day. Not only this, the victim girl may lose his mental balance. In most cases, girls are letting married in an early age. This underage marriage problem is also increasing by this eve-teasing problem. The guardians assuming, their daughter will be safe and fine with her husband. Basically the rate of illiterate people is high in Bangladesh. This illiteracy is a curse in this modern era. The female illiteracy is higher too. In this case, if this eve-teasing problem exists for a long time, Bangladesh will let down from worse to worst in terms of female education. If the girls are getting married in an early age, they will probably having more babies, which will make the population problem destructive. So in a sense, it can be said that Eve-teasing may create more problems beyond our expectation. The eve teasers are becoming more dangerous. They are willingly doing all these and asking hazards in society. They seemed to be committed of doing anything they want in the sake of their wish. These young teasers are turning out to be a terrorist in the coming days.

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ICC Cricket World Cup2011 Ticket Crisis

ICC Cricket World Cup2011 Tickets, Buy Tickets Bangladesh:

If you are a cricket fan, you should already be informed that the ICC World Cup Cricket 2011 is happening in Bangladesh, India and Sri Lanka. The biggest cricket tournament is about to start from 19th of February, 2011. As a part of acknowledging people, a road show named “Catch Bangladesh Catch” has been started few days ago from Dhaka. The tickets will also be available from 1st January, 2011. In my earlier post, I wrote about Ticket Price and Seats. In this article I am going to tell you more about Tickets, which is needed to collect to enjoy the match live from the stadium. But are the tickets so available?

Capacity of the Stadiums in Dhaka and Chittagong for World Cup 2011:
The inaugural ceremony will be help on Bongobondhu Stadium which has the capacity of 28,000 people. But only 12,000 tickets will be sold for the spectators. There will be no match played in that stadium.
In Shere Bangla National Stadium, Mirpur, there will be 6 matches that have the capacity of 25,901.
In Zahur Ahmed Chowdhury Stadium, Chittagong, there will be 2 matches that have the capacity of 18,228.

Considering a vast Cricket Crazy country like Bangladesh, the numbers of seats available are looking so small. The chief of local Ticket Committee has also admitted that there will be crisis with tickets, but he hardly can do anything.There will be reserved 3781 tickets for every match. The people other than Dhaka and Chittagong district can collect only 108 tickets for each match.

How to collect tickets for World Cup cricketer 2011:
As I have mentioned earlier, the tickets will be available from first of January, 2011. The selling of ticking will be started at the same time across the whole country. The date may delay 2/3 days. The Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina will inaugurate by buying a ticket herself. The collection of ticket is slightly complicate. Actually, there will be given vouchers from 1st of January. You need to show Passport or National ID card or any other card attached with your image to collect a voucher. You will need to specify you mobile number too.One can buy maximum two tickets. You can collect the tickets exactly 7 days before the match starts showing the voucher.

Where to buy the tickets:

A Non-Govt. Bank City Bank Limited will be distributing the tickets from their booths.There will be one more Non-Govt. bank available to buy ticket (unnamed).

Number of Booths and name of Branches for tickets availability:

Dhaka: 8 Booths
  • Bangabandhu Avenue, 
  • Banani, 
  • Dhanmondi, 
  • Islampur, 
  • New Market, 
  • Uttara, 
  • Karwan Bazar, 
  • Mirpur, 
  • Mouchak.

Chittagong: 5 Booths
  • Nizam Road, 
  • Pahartoli, 
  • Jubilee Road, 
  • Chawk Bazar
  • Andar Killa.
Other Districts: 1 Booth

Out of 25,000 tickets in Dhaka and 18,000 tickets in Chittagong, approximately 1,500 tickets will be reserved as Courtesy Ticket. For 27 Corporate Box ticket already 450 applications have been submitted. Corporate Box ticket costs around $24,000 for all 8 matches. You can expect a huge blasts on booths for tickets.

Updates: New Date to buy ticket for World Cup 2011: Previously it was told that tickets will be available from 1st of January,2011. But the date has been changed that it will available from 2nd of January, 2011. As 1st January is Saturday and Banks will be off, so this change took place.

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ICC World Cup Cricket2011 Tickets

ICC World Cup Cricket 2011 Bangladesh Tickets, Seats, Prices:

The ICC World Cup Cricket 2011 is going to happen in Asia. Along with India and Sri Lanka, Bangladesh is also participating in World Cup as a Host country. Bangladesh is hosting the World Cup for the first time ever. So you can expect an immense amount of excitement over the world cup. It’s about 53 days away from the world cup to be started from now.

With the Inaugural Ceremony of World Cup 2011, Bangladesh will host 8 more matches where 6 of them will be held in Dhaka and the other 2 in Chittagong.

Tickets of World Cup 2011 in Bangladesh:
The tickets will be available to buy from 1st January, 2011. As the World Cup is happening in Bangladesh for the first time ever, everyone would try to enjoy the match live from the stadium. But this is not happening as the number of seats is limited. It has been said that for the World Cup the gallery has been filled up with Chairs. So everyone is having a chair atleast. There are basically 6 types of Tickets will be available in the stadium.

Types of Seats/Chairs and Prices for World Cup 2011 in Bangladesh:

For Dhaka stadium:
1.    East Gallery: This is the cheapest one. Especially for the general spectators who come to the stadium to encourage the players by shouting and cheering. These seats are with chairs but under the open sky. The price is of course the lowest at BDT 200.

2.    North and South Gallery: The only different from East Gallery is you will have shelters on your head. The price is BDT 400.

3.    Club House: You will have a better view from these seats than the upper two. There are about 7,000 seats available for club house with green colored chairs. The price will differ for round one and round two matches. For Round One- BDT.700 & Round Two-BDT 1000.

4.    International Gallery: This one is standard. About 1,500 seats are available for this gallery. The price is for Round One-BDT.2,000 & for Round Two-BDT.3,000.

5.    International Markey: This one is the luxurious one. You will be served with Tea-Coffee and Lunch from this one. The price is for Round One-BDT. 10,500 & for Round Two-BDT.14, 000
6.    Grand Stand: This one providing sofa. Perfect place for professional players who like to analysis the game as well. The price is for Round One-BDT.3, 000 & for Round Two-BDT.4,000.

There is one more type of Ticket available, which named Corporate Box. Of course the best one. There are only 10 Corporate Box seats are available. You will be provided with a little drawing room containing 10 sofa seats, 1 television in the corner and a tea table in front of each Seat for one corporate box ticket. Actually it’s a package of whole tournament. You just have to buy one ticket and you will enjoy all the games. You are not allowed to buy a ticket for each game for Corporate Box. You will enjoy home made environment with your family here in Corporate Box. The price of this package is BDT 16, 80000.

Tickets are available from 1st January, 2011.
Total Number of Seats available in Dhaka: 25,900
Total Number of Seats available in Chittagong: 18,200

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E-Banking Features

E-Banking Features, Structures, Cyber Cash, Availability, Capability. Acceptance, Problems, Hacking, Solutions:

The Features of Electric Banking:
1.    Available booths.
2.    24 hours cash withdrawal facility.
3.    Quick cash withdrawal facility without having queue.
4.    Account activities enquiry in any moment.
5.    Statement request through ATM/Debit/Credit card.
6.    Transfer Own funds to other account number in same bank.
7.    Present balance inquiry.
8.    Deposit or mail cash or cheque (cross cheque) through mechanical inquiry.
9.    Changing personal identity number (PIN).
10.    Slips of bills of every transaction.
11.    Mini statement which contains 8-10 previous transaction records.
12.    Capability of paying utilities bill.
13.    Withdrawal money using Visa Card, MasterCard, Maestro and other banks debit card.
14.    Withdrawal money from dollar account, which gives taka by converting foreign currency.

Structure of Electric Banking;
E-banking is a good general term referring to various computer-based technologies for delivering bank services. Electronic banking system can be divided into 2 categories by the functional characteristics:

1.    Bank-office electronic banking: This banking provides information management services and quick cash fund transfer facilities.
2.    Electronic Financial instruments: This banking provides customers all prescribed banking facilities in any remote areas or outlets.

Customer opinion of Electronic Banking:
According to many customers, online banking is the preferred transaction method among banking customers. So they are satisfied because:

1.    Online banking faster than visiting the bank
2.    Customer can withdraw money from anywhere and anytime.
3.    All the banks are under one network and anyone can drae money whenever he likes.
4.    No need to carry money.
5.    No chance of snatching or high jacking money as they PIN number of the card is secret.

Problems in E-banking:
In many cases people have some complaints also. The common types of problems they face are:

1.    ATM’s fall short of money.
2.    Slow bandwidth of internet may delay the transfer rate. Banks may delay to provide PIN number whenever client loses his Credit or Debit card.
3.    Power failure in the outlets
4.    Charges are higher for the card.
5.    Password fraud.
6.    Risk of debit or credit card forgery.
7.    Traditional habits of common people.

Hacking Problem in E-banking:
Most of the attacks on online banking used today based on deceiving the user to steal login data and valid TANs. Two well known examples are those tacks are phising and pharming. Cross-site scripting and key logger/Trojan horses can be used to steal the login information.

Countermeasures of the problems:
 There exist several counter measures which try to avoid attacks. Digital certificates are used against phising and pharming, the use of class-3 card readers is a measure to avoid manipulation of transactions by the software in signature based online banking variants. To protect their systems against Trojan horses, users should use virus scanners and be careful with downloaded software and attachments.

Cyber Cash:
The generic cyber cash covers essentially three different electronic payment system:

1.    A debit card system.
2.    A debit card-based payment system.
3.    Cyber coin prepaid payment system for all small cash payments.

Cyber Cash is offered by various American and German banks and very soon will be launched in Bangladesh, if so it will be 3G e-banking in Bangladesh.

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E-Banking Bangladesh

E-Banking Status, Opportunities, Various forms of E-Banking in Bangladesh:

There are currently 53 Banks working together in Bangladesh. The competition is going up day by day, especially between the private commercial banks. They are trying to exposure themselves as the better one to their customers by proving new banking services, developing the existing services and so on. E-Banking is known to Bangladesh since 1990. Electronic Banking has got tremendous importance in banking sector and banking customers too.

Status of E-banking in Bangladesh:
Currently in Bangladesh, there are 4 state owned Banks have 34% branches, 5 specialized banks have 1311 branches, 30 local private commercial banks have branches all across the country.

Various Forms of E-banking available:
1. Automated Teller Machine (ATM): An ATM is simply a data terminal with two input and four output devices. Like any other date terminal, the ATM has to connect to, and communicate through a host processor. Now only DBBL (Dutch Bangla Bank Limited) has more than hundred of ATMs in Bangladesh.

2. SMS Banking: SMS allows you to do some banking inquiries on your mobile from anywhere under the mobile network coverage in a country. SMS Banking is developed to provide transactions related to client’s car number via SMS using cell phones. Bangladesh needs to develop SMS banking as most of the area of Bangladesh is already covered by Mobile networks.

3. Tele Banking: Tele Banking is form of remote banking which is essentially the delivery of branch financial services via telecommunication devices, where the bank customer can perform retail transactions by dialing a touch one telephone or mobile communication unit.

4. Online Banking: Banks are considering online backings as a powerful “value added” tool to attract and retain new customers. Online Banking (Internet Banking) is a term used to perform transactions, payments etc.over the internet through a bank’s secure website. Currently the internationally usage of VISA or MasterCard online from Bangladesh is very limited, which is an obstacle in the way of the online workers, who has to perform online transactions frequently. As PayPal, a trusted 3rd party online Transactions Company is still not available in Bangladesh, the banks should come forward and take steps to solve this problem. It will boost the purpose of making Digital Bangladesh.

Prospect of E-Banking in Bangladesh:
Bangladesh has been connected with the information super highway on the 20th of May, 2006. It is a landmark of ICT sector of Bangladesh. The cable network covering some around 786 miles across the country from Bay of Bengal will provide a fiber optic link with a date transfer capacity of 10 gigabits per second basing on the ICT facilities our e-banking is established. Electronic Banking allows banks to expand their markets for traditional deposit taking and credit extension activities and to offer new products and service s or strengthen their competitive position in officering existing payment service. In addition, e-banking could reduce operation costs for banks. More broadly, the continued development of e-banking and electronic money may contribute to improving the efficiency of the banking and payment system and to reduce the cost of retail transactions nationally and internationally. The development in information technology has contributed positively to e-banking through several channels. Banks have been increasing their own size and financial strength and expanding the scope of their products lines to meet the growing of online real time financial services through e-banking.

Constraints of Electric Banking in Bangladesh:
Emergence and growth of Electric Banking of a country depends on the following factors:

1.    Availability and growth of telecommunication instructors.
2.    ICT operation in electric banking sectors.
3.    Culture of using electric banking.
4.    Legal and regularity framework
5.    The users of electric banking are in urban areas.
6.    Infrastructure of villages is not suitable for electronic banking.

Recommendations of E-banking for Bangladesh:
Since 1992 the e-banking is going on all over the country but it is still many theoretical and technical hurdles. Some recommendations are listed below to overcome and improve the current situations:

1.    E-banking services should try to mobilize more deposit schemes through better marketing and innovative measures.
2.    E-banking system should be more flexible.
3.    E banking should develop their communication among branches.
4.    The decision making process should be faster
5.    SME section of banking should be more flexible.
6.    Need to establish more ATM booths.
7.    E-banking service should be according to the customer expectation and satisfaction.
8.    E-banking service should be resolve the entire problems very quickly that the customer face in online transaction.
 9.    The bank should arrange the demonstration programs for the clients to enjoy the service properly.
10.    Government should be pioneer to develop the IT infrastructure.

With overall discussion we can conclude the issue of E-banking's future in Bangladesh is that it can be very prosperous. With the resource Bangladesh has, it can be beneficial for the companies too. Just need some proper cares to be taken. It is also needed that the Govt. steps forward. The Bank companies need to to deal with appropriate authority to make E-Banking more available in Bangladesh.

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Worldwide E-Banking Service:

By E-Banking or online banking we mean the Any Branch Banking facility. Through which one can enjoy the benefits of being able to access one’s bank account from any other branches and extension countries across the country. Any branch banking enables customers to make withdrawals and remittances at any branch of their bank, anywhere in the country. E-banking can play a significant role in uplifting the entire banking services and thus effect positively in country’s economy.

Introduction of E-Banking:
E-banking electronic banking is the waves of the future. It provides enormous in terms of case and cost of transactions, either through internet telephone or other electronic delivery channels. E-banking is considered to be segment of e-business to the extent that banks are involved in the conduct of business transactions via electronics media.

What is E-banking?
Electronic banking is transforming the financial services industry through carious impossible innovations of modern technology. E-banking uses particularly information technology to generate, collect and process information about bank operation and bank customers efficiently and effectively.

History of E-Banking:
The precursor for the modern home and online banking service services were the distance banking services over the electronic media from early 1980s. The term online became popular in late ‘80s and referred to the use of a terminal, keyboard and TV (a monitor) to access the banking system using a phone line. Online service started in New York in 1981, when four of the city’s major banks (Citibank, Chase Manhattan, Chemical and Manufacturer Hanover) offered home banking service using the videotext system.

Courtesy: Current World

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Shahrukh "King Khan Live in Dhaka" Full video

Watch and Download Shahrukh Khan's "King Khan Live in Dhaka" Full video Free:

I thought it would be nice if I can arrange the videos of the show for my audience. I searched on net and found the videos of Shahrukh Khan's "King Khan Live in Dhaka" show. I uploaded the video in a server. The print is not the best as it was taken from the TV,but moderate. Download the full show here:

Download Part 1 - 25 mins - 42MB - .wmv - This part contains the performance of Singer Parvej from Bangladesh.

Download Part 2 - 40 mins - 100MB- .wmv - This part contains speech from Swapon Chowdhury and Some songs from Chalte Chalte.

Download Part 3 - 34 mins - 84MB - .wmv - This part contains first round performance of Shefali, Isha, Arjun and Rani.

Download Part 4 - 31 min - 78MB - .wmv - This part contains Shahrukh's performance in the stage and Sreedhar's singing

Download Part 5 - 41 min - 102MB - .wmv - This part is the funniest one, Shahrukh was having fun with audience in the stage

Download Part 6 - 38 mins - 63MB - .wmv - This part contains the remaining part of Shahrukh with audience and performance of Sreedhar, Shefali, Isha, Arjun and Rani-Shahrukh duet

Download Part 7 -  21 mins - 53MB - .wmv - This part contains performance all together  and the end of the show.

Its always nice hearing from you. Comment below...

Shahrukh Khan "King Khan Live in Dhaka" 2010 Performance

Shahrukh Khan “King Khan Live in Dhaka” Show Performance Summary Highlights,Overview:

Well, the “King Khan Live in Dhaka” show was ended last nigh quite successfully. The night was full of excitement and joy. A fabulous most awaited lightning show was successfully done by Shahrukh Khan and His team.

Shahrukh arrived at Dhaka around 2:30 pm in the show day. He went to the stadium directly for rehearsal from the airport. He had a huge team of performers with him. Boishakhi channel was telecasting the show from 3pm. The channel managed some media persons with whom they talked about the show.

The show began around 6:30 pm local time. A Bangladesh singer named Parvej presented some songs till 7:30 pm. I must tell; it was a real slow and boring start of the show. The sponsor could do better if they would invite some actors or singers from Bangladesh. We have plenty of good singers who could hold the show. There was surely some mismanagement in the show. There were no performers from Bangladesh than Parvej. The stage was ready for us to show our culture, but we let it down completely. The show was all with bollywood stars.

About the show:
The main show stated around 8:10 pm local time. Shefali Jariwala came to the stage first. She performed with couple of songs including her hot and sexy “Kaata Laga” song. Then Isha Kopikar, Arjun,Rampal, Rani Mukherjee and Sreedhar were performing one by one. Arjun came to the stage riding a motor cycle. He greeted the audience saying soe Begali words. After Rani’s performance she also had a little speech with the audience in Bengali.

Now it was the turn for Shahrukh. As soon as he came to the stage, the audience was blasted with loud cheering and shouting.  It was a jam-packed stadium and cheering were coming from every corner of the stadium. He did not only perform, but entertained the audience with his smart talking and sense of humor.

He invited a couple in the stage from the audience. Shahrukh taught the boy how to propose the girl. Well, it was a great fun. Next, he invited one girl and 3 boys separately.

Then after this segment, the other starts performed once more. Shahrukh and Rani had some duet performance. At the last they all came to the stage and performed all together and brought the conclusion of the shows.

With such little time and limited rehearsal, the way they performed, it showed how much professional and committed they are.

Will be continued....

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Personal experience with Payoneer Prepaid Card

Payoneer Prepaid MasterCard Experience and Story from Bangladesh:

I had posted an article about Free Payoneer Prepaid MasterCard some days ago. I have got my Payoneer MasterCard in my hand today. I am going to share my experience so far about Payoneer MasterCard with my audience.

Well, I am writing from Dhaka, Bangladesh and a brand new Payoneer MasterCard is now in my hand. I was sponsored by infolinks as you already know you must need a sponsor to apply for a Payoneer MasterCard. I created an account in through Within 2 days of the creation of my account, they approved my account and sent the card to my address through normal mail. It took around 33 days to reach the card in my hand.

The Card has been issued by Choice Bank (CA) and was licensed by MasterCard International. This debit card can be used for both online and ATM purpose. You can purchase products from internet or pay any amount from your available account balance. You can withdraw money from your local MasterCard supported ATM Booth too.

The card has the validity of 3 years from the month the card was approved. The look/design of Card depends on your sponsors. Usually the sponsor’s logo and color is in the front side. I have infolink’s color and logo in my card’s front page and the back side is designed with white color. The card number contains 16 digits. The card number, card holder name and sponsor’s name are written in the front side. There is a verification code with 3 digits in the back side which will be needed to put while using this card o net.

I had to activate my card by putting the card number and a PIN. The PIN contains 4 digits and it is needed while withdrawing money from ATM booth.

Pricing and Fees of Payoneer Prepaid MasterCard:
It depends on sponsors. I am mentioning here the fees of infolink's sponsored card.

Card Activation cost: $6.95.
Monthly Maintenance cost:
Card replacement (if needed):
Cash withdrawal from ATM:
Balance inquiry from ATM:
$.90. (you can check free from your payoneer account)
Balance decline from ATM:
Loading of partner payment:
$2 .
Bank account setup fees for deposit:

I am excited to use my Card. I will let you inform about further usage of my Card. Keep your eyes here.


Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Bangladesh vs Zimbabwe ODI 2010

Bangladesh vs. Zimbabwe ODI series Overview, Live Scorecard, Squad, Commentary, Results Fixtures :

Cricket is back in Dhaka and Bangladesh is going to take Zimbabwe in a 5 match ODI series from 1st of December 2010. The first 3 ODI will be played in Sher-e-Bangla National Stadium and the rest 2 matches will be in Chittagong. This will be last series for Bangladesh before they take part in World Cup2011. So if they can achieve their goal from this series, they can go to the WorldCup with their maximum confidence. To mean by goal, of course white whishing Zimbabwe by 5-0.

In the recent times, Bangladesh Cricket is having a great time. The national cricket team whitewashed New Zealand 4-0. Another cricket team achieved Gold Medal in Asian Games recently held in China. So Zimbabwe will find flying Bangladesh against them.

At the other hand, Zimbabwe was recently whitewashed against South Africa in South Africa. They were decent with bat, but the bowling performance was pretty much in the worst side. They will surely look forward to have a better performance with bowling. They have Raymond Price back in the squad, which will definitely make them better as bowling side. Taylor, Masakadza, Chigumbura (capt.) and Utseya are the other players to whom Zimbabwe will be looking at. Taylor had a great series against South Africa in the recent time. He scored 578 runs in his last 11 matches with 2 unbeaten innings. They have a poor start in Bangladesh. They were beaten by 29 runs against their only tour practice match against BCB XI. Inspite of all these, Zimbabwe is expecting a comparative fight with Bangladesh as they have vast experience playing in Bangladesh soil.

For Bangladesh, Tamim Iqbal and Mashrafee are back in the side from injury and Mohammad Ashraful has got back his place on the team after a reasonably better performance in national league. Bangladesh will start the series as the favorite team under the captaincy of Sakib Al Hasan. Bangladesh have to make sure, they have their feet on the ground and play professionally.

As a Cricket lover, you must expect another exciting series.

Bangladesh Squad:
Tamim Iqbal,  Imrul Kayes, Junaid Siddique, Mohammad Ashraful, Shakib Al Hasan (capt), Mushfiqur Rahim (wk),  Mahmudullah, Abdur Razzak, Mashrafe Mortaza, Rubel Hossain, Suhrawadi Shuvo.
Zimbabwe Squad:
Hamilton Masakadza, Brendan Taylor, Chamu Chibhabha, Tatenda Taibu (wk),  Elton Chigumbura (capt), Craig Ervine,  Keegan Meth,  Prosper Utseya,  Graeme Cremer,  Raymond Price, Chris Mpofu

Bangladesh vs. Zimbabwe ODI series 2010 Fixture:

1st ODI - Wednesday 1st December 2010
Time: 9:30 am local time (+6 GMT)
Shere Bangla National Stadium, Mirpur.
Bangladesh vs. Zimbabwe ODI series 2010

2nd ODI – Friday 3rd  December 2010
Time: 9:30 am local time (+6 GMT)
Shere Bangla National Stadium, Mirpur.

Bangladesh vs. Zimbabwe ODI series 2010
3rd ODI – Monday 6th December 2010
Time: 2:30 pm local time (+6 GMT)
Shere Bangla National Stadium, Mirpur.

Bangladesh vs. Zimbabwe ODI series 2010
4th ODI – Friday 10th December 2010
Time: 9:30 am local time (+6 GMT)
Zohur Ahmed Chowdhury Stadium, Chittagong.

Bangladesh vs. Zimbabwe ODI series 2010
5th ODI – Sunday12th December 2010
Time: 9:30 am local time (+6 GMT)
Zohur Ahmed Chowdhury Stadium, Chittagong.

Monday, November 29, 2010

Shahrukh Khan "King Khan live in Dhaka" show 2010 Dhaka

Bollywood King “Shahrukh Khan” Show in Dhaka:

Bollywood actor Shahrukh Khan is about to arrive in Dhaka city at the 9th of December 2010 to perform a Show in Army Stadium at 10th of December 2010. Antar Showbiz Bangladesh will sponsor the show. “King Khan live in Dhaka” has been named the show. A great excitement is being noticed among the people of Bangladesh around the show.

The megastar is coming along with 140 Bollywood starts.  At the same time there will be frontline Bangladeshi starts on the stage to perform. All in all, this is going to be the biggest show in Bangladesh ever to happen.

Though, the price of tickets is higher, still the people of Bangladesh do not want to miss the chance to watch their favorite actor performing on the stage. Even before the tickets started to sell out, people were there to book the tickets.

Shahrukh’s living in Dhaka:

Shahrukh khan will stay in Dhaka like a king. He will be flying to Dhaka with his personal charter plane. He will come with his personal makeup mans, 12 body guards and staffs. He will be given a massive special security protection from Shahjala International Airport to the stadium. RABs, Polices, non govt. security force, voluntaries and even some retired army men will be there on the spot to ensure his protection. There will be 16 archway metal detector, 32 handheld metal detector, 3 monitoring cells and 40 CC cameras ON to ensure the security of the show. He will ride on his BMW seven 7 series car on road. A suite has been booked for him in Radison watergarden Hotel, which is situated very near to the performing area.

You can expect just like a festive there. It will be like dream came true seeing all the favorite stars together in one stage at the same time.

"King Khan Live in Dhaka" show on TV:

Those who will not be having the chance to enter to the stadium can watch the show Live on Boishakhi TV channel. Bosihakhi TV had a deal with the sponsor and they are going to telecast the show live from Army Stadium. The channel is already up to promote the show. There will be giant screens on different location in Dhaka and Chittagong city and the channel will show the latest news from those locations. Boishakhi channel will be telecasting all program from 3pm-1 am.

Update: Shahrukh Khan is about to arrive in Dhaka :
According to the fixed schedule, Shahrukh is arriving in Dhaka in 9th December and its today at any time. He will be coming to Dhaka along with his wife Gouri, 2 children ariyan and suhana, Arjun rampal, Rani mukherji, Ganesh hedge, Shefali Jariwala, Neeraj sreedhar in the same special aircraft. They will land in Hazrat Shahjalal International Airport and will be welcomed in Radisson Water Garden Hotel. Another group will be flying to Dhaka from Mumbai with 48 members, who will perform dance program in that show. Already 80 rooms have been booked for them in the hotel. The weather is not as good as likable. In a winter morning it has been raining in Dhaka for some hours now. Not much good sign of getting the weather be normal today. So Shahrukh and His team will not be having a greater and enjoyable weather here in Dhaka for today. But I hope, the weather will be better tomorrow in the show time.Just cross fingered.
As per as Security concern, the arriving time of Shahrukh has not been confirmed.

Latest Update:  At 12:30 pm noon Arjun rampal, Rani mukherji, Ganesh hedge, Shefali Jariwala, Neeraj sreedhar have reached in Dhaka. With rock solid security, they have sent to the Hotel. Arjun Rampal is staying at Dhaka Regency Hotel and the others are in Radisson Watergarden Hotel. The megastar Shahrukh Khan has not yet reached. He may reach at midnight or Friday morning with his wife and 2 children.

BAD news for Bangladeshis: Singer Kumar Bishwajit is not attending the show. He was unsatisfied with the Sponsor . He claimed he was not well prepared and the sponsor did not arrange for any rehearsal.

Update-More about The show:
The show will start at 6pm Local time (+6GMT). Due to bad weather in Dhaka, the arrival of Shahrukh Khan was delayed. As soon as he reaches Dhaka he will join rehearsal of the show at Army Stadium. Rani, Arjun,Esha, Hedge, Sreedhar have already arrived in Dhaka yesterday. Shahrukh will join the show at 8pm local time. It has been informed that he will be acting and dancing with his most popular Hindi Songs throughout the show. At different time the others will join him. You may already have informed, Boishakhi TV will telecast the whole show live.

Shahrukh Khan Performance in the show
Watch and Download Shahrukh Khan's Show

About “King Khan live in Dhaka” show:

India: Shahrukh Khan,Rani Mukherjee,Arjun Rampal, Isha Kopikar, Neeraj Shridhar (Bombay Vikings), Shefali Zariwala, Ganesh Hedge and many more.
Bangladesh: Shakib Khan, Prantor and many more.
Sponsor: Antar Showbiz Bangladesh
Place: Army Stadium
Date: 10th December, 2010, 6 PM(+6GMT)
Gate opens: 4 pm
Tickets: Available from 26th November 2010.
Ticket Prices:
  • Platinum: 25,000 taka
  • Gold: 10,000 taka
  • Silver: 5,000 taka
  • Bronze: 3,000 taka
Hot lines: 01678-333333, 01674-333333, 01674-333333, 01670-428562

    As soon as we get new Updates, we will update here first on Net, So keep your eyes on

    Wednesday, November 24, 2010

    Facebook vs Google

    Since last few days, I was reading about Facebook vs Google, more specifically about who is going to rule internet? I read in Facebook has passed Google in terms of traffic in US. I really don’t think that the time has come to argue over that issue. I might be wrong to some people, but I still think Google is conquering over Internet and they will remain at the top position for many years.

    My observation over Google is, they are much more professional and planner than Facebook. Still Google’s algorithm for search engine or Pagerank of websites is a mystery for the webmasters. But Google will never publish it as they know their business very well. About 95% internet users use Google’s search engine everyday. You can say Facebook has got 500 million registered users. True, Facebook is best as social
    Networking site.

    But, if you think overall, it’s Google all over. They have social networking sites like myspace and orkut. Though comparing to Facebook, they way far behind with myspace.

    But Gmail, another Google product, is doing pretty much better comparing yahoo. Yahoo mail is much slower than Gmail and Gmail is growing well day by day. With adwords and adsense program, Google has brought themselves in a position, where they are the only comparator of themselves. To become successful with adsense, they introduced blogger.

    I read somewhere, Google is going to introduce a new Social Networking site and believe me I was not surprised at all. Sooner or later, it was going to happen. As I said Google is more professional than Facebook, they will compete with Facebook for each position

    Youtube is also under the control of Google. Google tv , Google car will add a new dimension in their business. Google is a multi brand, where Facebook is a single brand.

    According to wikipedia, in 2009 where Facebook had the revenue of US$800 million with 1,700+ employees, there Google had US$23.651 billion with 23,331+ employees.

    I know its Facebook fever all over now, yet it’s too early to compare between both. Facebook has to come a log way to touch Google.

    Thursday, November 18, 2010

    Online Freelance Jobs Bangladesh

    Free Paid Online Jobs/Works for Bangladesh and World Wide at Microworkers:

    Today I am going to tell you about something that is worth to you. If you are new online and looking for some small work, then this might be the best place for you to learn something. You can earn minimum 10 cents ($.10) to maximum $3 for a small work. As you can see a small amount will paid to you, so you can expect some tiny works ready for you. Look, no work is small. As I said earlier, if you are new online, you can start with these types of work. This will increase your experience a bit. Until, you are not finding anything better for you, you can stick on this. Even who earns better, can do such works as a secondary way of income.

    How will I get a work from Microworkers ?
    To get a work you just need to Register and click on “Available Jobs”. You will find available works running for you. Its not type of or site, where you need to bid for jobs. That is why you don't need to be a professional online worker to work here.

    How does the site work Microworkers ?
    Normally, the employers will provide work for you. They submit a certain number of works for the workers to do. They fix a amount they are going to pay for each work. You will find the expectation of the employers about the work and they will ask you proofs for the work. You have to submit proof very carefully. If you can’t satisfy the employer with your work or proof, they will ignore you to pay. If you think that the employer has misrated you, you still have the option to complain against him. Unless, you are not 100% sure, you should not complain. If you make any fake complain you’ll be punished for this. If you complete your work, you will be paid for sure.

    What kind of works does Microworkers provide ?
    Normally they pay higher ( $1-$3) amount for the works like putting Employers links on a higher PR (page rank) site or forum with a relevant comment, So if you are a webmaster and having a site with PR1-PR4, you can earn even $7-$8 per day from this site. Even with small Jobs you can earn $3-$4 per day if you remain active most of time. You will find works like commenting on Yahoo answers, reviewing a site, writing an article which pay a  moderate amount ($.5-$.9). You can also find works related facebook page/application likes, twitter followers, clicking ads, sign ups, creating youtube account or rate and subscribe to youtube channel,bookmarking sites at reddit, digg, stumbleupon, delicious, yahoo buzz; which will pay you the least amount ($.10-$.25).

    Things to remember:
    You are not allowed to submit unlimited works every day. This will depend on your temporary success rate (see beside success rate percentage). As you are submitting new works, the rate will go down and if it is 75% or below 75% you will not be allowed to submit any work then. But as soon as the employers rate your work as done, the success rate will go up and you will be allowed to submit new works then. Normally the employers get 7 days to rate your work, if they don't rate within 7 days, the system will automatically fund the amount to your account.

    If you are unsure about the work that suits you, I recommend you to take the Jobs of Creating accounts, Sign ups, Bookmaking sites at different social networking sites.

    How will Microworkers pay me?
    You can place a withdrawal request if your balance is over $9.00 + fee (fee is 6-6.5%). So, approximately when you reach $10, you can request for a withdrawal. Then they will send a PIN (one time) to your home address and you will have to put the PIN before you get paid through Paypal, Alertpay or Moneybookers. You’ll find already $1 in your account for registration. So you need $9 more before asking for a payment. If your referred person reaches $25, you will get bonus.

    As an Employer at  Microworkers ?
    Yes, you can act as an employer here. You don’t need separate account for this. But you need to deposit minimum $10 to do so from alertpay, moneybookrs or paypal. You will have to pay extra 75 cents for every new campaign you start as an employer.

    # I suggest the micro employers to Join here. This is an exciting place where every Jobs are done  perfectly. I love the members of this Site. They have an active Fan page at Facebook and I see every members are so enthusiastic and passionate about their work

    # Employers, Please Don't Try to Open Multiple Accounts from Your PC . I am also suggesting Bangladeshi Workers for not using GP Modem. It may create IP Conflicting issue. As a result, your account can be terminated forever.

     Grab Jobs Today>

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    Wednesday, November 17, 2010

    Eid ul Adha celebration 2010 Bangladesh

    Wishing you all “EID MUBARAK”.  Well, it’s 16th November in Bangladesh and Eid-ul-Adha is being celebrated across the whole Bangladesh like in some other countries s of the world. Generally in Bangladesh, Eid-ul-Adha is celebrated the day after Saudi Arabia celebrates it. I must mention, in some areas of Bangladesh, it is celebrated with Saudi Arabia. Eid-ul-Adha is celebrated in 10th Dhul Hijja, according to Islamic Calendar.  At the end day of Hajj, which is an annual pilgrimage to Macca (a holy place for Muslims) it occurs. Eid-ul-Adha is the second biggest festival after Eid-ul-Fitr for Muslims. Eid-ul-Adha is also know as the Sacrifice Eid or Sacrifice feast.

    Brief History of Eid-ul-Adha:

    There is a history behind this day. Our Nabi Abraham was told by Allah in dream to sacrifice his most favorite thing by the name of Allah. Abraham’s most favorite was his Son than any other things. To show true respect to Allah, Abraham decided to sacrifice his son Ismael. But when he was just about to kill his son in the name of Allah, a sheep was killed instead of Ismael. That was just a test for Abraham. Truly, He had showed his gratefulness to Allah. After then, it is fixed that Every Muslim, who has the ability has to sacrifice something in the name of Allah in this day.

    Normally sheep, cow, goat or camel is sacrificed in Eid-ul-Adha. The amount of meat has to be equally divided into three parts. One-third is donated to the poor people around us. One-third is given to friends or relatives and the rest one-third is for the family. This symbolizes the greatness of Islam, where nobody will be neglected.

    This is my first ever Eid-ul-Adha celebration in Dhaka city and unlikely Dhaka is free of traffic jam today. Normally, the Eid prayer starts a bit early in morning comparing Eid-ul-Fitr’s prayer as the people has a rush to go to sacrifice the animal, dividing meats, distributing them and all these things. As like Eid-ul-Fitr, people like to wear new dresses and visiting favorite places in this Eid too after completing all their tasks, possibly at the afternoon or evening when they are free of works. Greeting are exchanged in a competing manner.

    Again, at the end once again "EID MUBARAK" to all.

    Sunday, November 14, 2010

    Exchange Real Valid Traffic

    Get Unlimited Real Twitter Followers, Facebook Page Like, Direct Traffic to Website and YouTube like:

    Today Facebook and Twitter are at the top amongst the social networking sites. Network markets are doing a great business with Facebook and Twitter. So, if you are a webmaster, you must have your eyes on Facebook and Twitter. You can drive tons of traffic to your website from Facebook and Twitter, if you use them in a proper way. Facebook has a page rank of 10 and Twitter has 9 out of 10. So, your site advertising must start with Facebook and Twitter.
    To start with Twitter you can easily create an account at Twitter with your website, like I did . For Facebook, you can create a page and invite your friends to like the page. Now you need a lot of Followers in Twitter and Likes in Facebook page to get traffic. Well, what if you get both followers and likes at the same time just putting minimum afford? Yes, its fun. Let’s know how it’s possible.

    How it works:
    The site is mainly exchanging traffic between you and others. When you log in for first time, you will have to put your Facebook Page API, Twitter username and Website URL on the site. You need to fix a certain number of Credits for all the services.

    Like for Twitter
    You will have to gain some Credits to make followers. To do so, you need to follow others to get their assigned number of credits. This is how you can increase your credits and automatically these credits will be spending at the rate you already have fixed for getting followers.
    Same goes with Facebook page like, Direct website visit and YouTube like.

    1.The traffic that comes direct to your site is real and valid. It’s not an automated program or auto surf. But the visitors mainly visit your site to get credits, not for browsing. Especially AdSense Publishers hardly get an ad click from them.

    2.The followers, follow you to gain credits and later they unfollow you from the main account.

    Still it’s a interesting way to achieve some traffic. Have a try. You will have fun.

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    Thursday, November 11, 2010

    How to get a Payoneer Prepaid MasterCard

    Eligibility of becoming a Payoneer Cardholder

    • You need to be 18+ to become the cardholder
    • Having a bank account is not essential as it is a prepaid card
    • You must have National ID/Driving License/Passport as you need to put the ID number
    • You must apply through a sponsor 

      How Payoneer Card will be ready to use:

      When you order a card through a sponsor, your application goes under review and if your card is approved, they send it immediately. This process takes up to 3-4 days. The arrival of cards depends on your location. As Payoneer says, it takes up to 12 business day inside USA and 30 days outside USA. After you getting the card in your hand,you need to log in your account with user name and password and activate your card with card number and PIN. Card number will be written on your card and you will have to choose a PIN yourself, which will be needed while taking out cash from ATM's.

      Payoneer Card fees and Pricing

      Though Payoneer is committed to give the best service with lowest cost, still you need to pay fees for some certain things like activating the card, for the first load, withdrawal cash from ATM, monthly card maintenance, card replacing etc. The fees pricing are different according to the sponsor. After you registered, logging in you account, you will find a tab about pricing and fees, there you can get all the required information.

      To Apply for a Payoneer Prepaid MasterCard You have to Access through a Sponsor's Site

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      Payoneer Prepaid MasterCard Sponsors

      Payoneer Full Sponsors list:

      To become a cardholder of Payoneer you need a sponsor. There are quite few sites, are providing the cards.

      Odesk Payoneer Card

      The list is getting bigger day by day.
      Some are providing the card with free shipment, some are putting a charge. Like and are proving with free shipment, charges $50.

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      Payoneer Prepaid MasterCard

      Payoneer Prepaid Master Card - Online payment solution for Bangladesh and Worldwide

      The people, who are searching for a Visa/MasterCard for online use, will be very happy to know they can grab a prepaid MasterCard for FREE. Yes, Payoneer is providing this opportunity to get a Prepaid MasterCard for both online and local use. You can purchase or get payment by using Payoneer Prepaid MasterCard, just like other credit/debit cards. The greatest of matter about Payoneer Prepaid MasterCard is, it is available for all countries. Load Money and Use- it’s as simple as water.

      Who is Payoneer

      Payoneer does market and service of MasterCard. Payoneer is a registered Merchant Service Provider of MasterCard and doing this business since 2005. It is currently working with Choice Bank. The headquarter stands in New York, USA.

      Payoneer Prepaid MasterCard for Bangladeshi

      The people of Bangladesh will be highly delighted to know about this service. Those who are working online, especially the freelancers and webmasters, need to have an online usable Card to purchase things or getting payment. It’s really difficult to get an online usable Credit card in Bangladesh. Especially those who are students; just started working online can not get a Credit card. To grab one, all needs to show a secured job. Plus there are high annual fees for the card to be used. All these are not affordable and suitable for a student. It is not only creating problems individually, the country is also losing a great amount of foreign currency. Bangladesh is losing outsourcing work for this lagging. Even a customer needs to make another account with foreign currency to use his Visa/MasterCard online. Still Prepaid or rechargeable cards are not available. American Express is available for corporate use only. In this situation, Payoneer providing the best option for Bangladeshi online workers.

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      How to get Google AdSense account quickly

      Well, I had mentioned in my earlier Google AdSense article that you need a domain of your own to apply for Google AdSense. It is needed, if you do apply directly from There is another way to get your Google AdSense account approved in a flash. You can get an account quicker if you apply from your blogger account. To do so,you need to have a blogger account, which is another free program of Google. This allows you to make a blog under a sub domain. Your blog will look like As blogger is a part of Google; Google is a bit kind to blogger. You can take this kindness as a chance. First of all, make a Blogger Account (must have a Gmail account). Then follow these instructions one by one:

      Monetize > New > Create a New Google AdSense Account

      Then as usual you need to complete the form with correct and complete information. They will need 48 hours to approve your AdSense account. Actually they do approve within 4-5 Hours.

      Before you apply make sure you have posted at least 5-6 articles of your own to your blog.

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      Thursday, November 4, 2010

      Public Holidays Bangladesh

      Public and Government  Holiday List in  Bangladesh 2011:

      General Holidays:

      16th February (4 Falgun)     – Eid-E-Miladunnabi
      21st February (9 Falgun)     – Intl. Mother Language Day/ Martyr’s Day/ Shohid Dibos
      17th March 9 (3 Choitro)    – Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman’s Birthday
      26th March (12 Choitro)     – National Day/ Independent Day / Jatio Dibos
      1st May (18 Boishakh)       – May Day
      17th May (3 Joishtho)         – Buddhist Birthday/ Boishakhi Purnima
      15th August (31 Srabon)     – National Mourning Day/ Jatio Shok Diobs
      22nd August (7 Bhadro)      – Janmashtami
      26th August (11 Bhadro)     – Jumatul Bidah
      31st August (16 Bhadro)     – Eid-ul-Fitr/ Rojar Eid
      6th October (21 Ashin)       – Durga Puja(Doshomi)
      7th November (23 Kartik)  – Eid-ul-Adha/ Korbanir Eid
      16th December (02 Poush) – Victory Day/ Bijoy Dibos
      25th December (11 Poush) – Chrismas Day/ Borodin

      Optional Holidays: One can Enjoy up to 3 optional holidays according to his Religion per year:

      For Muslims
      2nd February (20 Magh)             -Akhri Chahar Somba
      17th March (3 Chaitra)               -Fatiha iajdaham
      30th June (16 Ashar)                    -Shab e Meraj
      2nd September (18 Bhadro)        -3rd day of Eid ul Fitr
      9th November (25 Kartik)           -3rd day of Eid ul Adha

      For Hindus:
      8th February (26 Magh)               - Sri Sri Sorossoti Puja (Ponchomi)
      2nd March (18 Falgun)                 - Sri Sri Shib Ratri
      19th March (5 Chaitra)                 - Dol Jatra
      2nd April (19 Chaitra)                   -Sri Sri Chad Thakurer Jonmodin
      27th September (12 Ashin)           -Mohalaya
      5th October (20 Ashin)                  -Sri Sri Durgapuja (moha nobomi)
      11th October (26 Ashin)                -Sri Sri Lokkhi Puja
      26th October (11 Kartk)               -Sri Sri Shama Puja

      ##More Holidays Coming soon##

      Wednesday, November 3, 2010

      Google Adsense Western Union Quick Cash

      Google AdSense Payment Option: Western Union Quick Cash

      After EFT, Western Union Quick Cash is the best option for AdSense Publisher to get their payment. Payments will be available for pick up at your local Western Union Agent the day after they are sent according to normal payment schedule of Google. You need to bring your Govt. ID card to get the cash out. Currency is available in US Dollar. Some Agent will convert the US dollar at local currency and they will make little fees for that.

      Currently Google AdSense is providing Western Union Quick Cash facility in the following countries:

      1. Algeria
      2. Argentina
      3. Barbados
      4. Bolivia
      5. Bulgaria
      6. Chile
      7. China(Mainland)
      8. Colombia
      9. Costa Rica
      10. Croatia
      11. Dominican Republic
      12. Ecuador
      13. Egypt
      14. Ghana
      15. Guatemala
      16. Iceland
      17. Indonesia
      18. Jamaica
      19. Kenya
      20. Latvia
      21. Lebanon
      22. Lithuania
      23. Malta
      24. Malaysia
      25. Moldova
      26. Morocco
      27. Pakistan
      28. Panama
      29. Paraguay
      30. Peru
      31. Philippines
      32. Puerto Rico
      33. Romania
      34. Saudi Arabia
      35. Slovenia
      36. South Korea
      37. Taiwan
      38. Thailand
      39. Tunisia
      40. Uganda
      41. United Arab Emirates
      42. Uruguay
      43. Vietnam
      44. Virgin Islands (British)
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        Google Adsense Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT)

        Google AdSense Payment Option: Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT)

        EFT is the fastest way to get your AdSense payment directly on your bank account with the local currency. To sign up for payment by EFT, you require providing details about your bank account and verify your account using a small test deposit. To ensure payment by EFT for your August earnings, you need to sign up for EFT and verify your bank account before 15th of August.

        Currently Google AdSense is providing EFT facility in the following countries:

        1. Australia (Australian Dollar)
        2. Austria (Euro)
        3. Belgium (Euro)
        4. Canada (Canadian Dollar)
        5. Czech Republic (Koruna)
        6. Denmark (Krone)
        7. Finland (Euro)
        8. France (Euro)
        9. Germany (Euro)
        10. Greece (Euro)
        11. Hong Kong (Hong Kong Dollar)
        12. Hungary (Forint)
        13. Ireland (Euro)
        14. Israel (Shekel)
        15. Italy (Euro)
        16. Japan (Yen)
        17. Mexico (Peso)
        18. Netherlands (Euro)
        19. New Zealand (New Zealand Dollar)
        20. Norway (Krone)
        21. Poland (Zloty)
        22. Portugal (Euro)
        23. Slovakia (Euro)
        24. Spain (Euro)
        25. Sweden (Krona)
        26. Switzerland (Franc)
        27. Turkey (Lira)
        28. United States (US Dollar)
        29. United Kingdom (British Pound) 
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          Google Adsense Check

          Google AdSense Payment Option: Check

          If you don't have the option of EFT or Western Union then your Check will be delivered in 2 ways:

          Check receiving by Standard Mail
          • Normally reaches within 2-4 weeks
          • No cost of receiving check
          • Reissuing the Check can be done after 60 days of Check issuing date
          • Available for all countries
          • Less safer and slower than Secured Express Delivery

          Check receiving by Secured Express Delivery
          • Normally reaches within 5-10 business days
          • No cost of receiving check for the following courtiers. Local courier company will deliver for these countries.
          1. Argentina
          2. Bolivia
          3. Chile
          4. Colombia
          5. Ecuador
          6. India,
          7. Mexico
          8. Paraguay
          9. Uruguay
          10. Venezuela

          • Certain Fees applied for other courtiers, fees will be deducted automatically from your account.
          • DHL will deliver for these countries.
          • Reissuing the Check can be done after 5th of the following month. If you want to reissue the check originally dated 27th of August, you can do so after 5th of September.
          • Quicker and Safer way. 
           Reissue Google AdSense Check

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          Monday, November 1, 2010

          Google AdSense Payment

          Google AdSense Payment :

          Google AdSense does not deposit your payment straight after you reach your payment threshold. They follow some formalities to do so. Before they send your payment, they verify your identity. This is why you must use your actual identity and home address. The home address should be as elaborated as much as possible. After you reach $10, they will send a letter to your home address via standard post mail containing a pin (Personal Identification Number). You will be needed to enter the PIN on your account after you reach payment threshold of $100.

          After you reach $100, you will have to confirm 3 things before you can apply for the payment.

          1.    Entering PIN.
          2.    Providing tax information (for USA Publishers only)
          3.    Selecting payment method.

          Entering PIN: As I said earlier they will send you a PIN, you need to enter it. Normally you can receive the mail in 2-3 weeks.

          Providing tax information:
          If you are a citizen of USA, you will have to provide proper tax information. This is not applicable for NON-USA citizen.

          Selecting payment method: You will have to select your payment option according what option is suitable for your country. Now Google is able to send payment via 4 different options.

          Google AdSense Payment Schedule:

          Google pays monthly. If you are eligible to be paid (min. $100) before the 25th of the August, then payment will be issued by 25th of September. By this time Google will check yours earning validity, means whether you earned following any method that goes against TOS or not. If they feel you have broken the TOS of Google, they will ban you. After they issue your payment, they will send your money following your selected payment option.

          If you get banned while they are issuing your payment, your payment will not reach. But if you get banned after they have issued your payment and sent it, you will get your payment.

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          Saturday, October 30, 2010

          Amusement Parks Dhaka

          Dhaka is known as a city of traffic jam. The life here is like a robot. Still there are some amusements parks have been built up in different places of Dhaka city to remove the boredom of life. Some of them are known as historical place. So, the tourists have interest too. The people used to visit these places mostly on holiday or vacation with their family.
          Here is some collection of amusements parks in Dhaka city with detail information:

          Museum in Dhaka City:

          National Museum
          Shahbagh, Dhaka.
          Weekly off day: Thursday.
          Open: 3pm-8pm (Friday), 9.30am-4pm (Saturday-Wednesday).
          Phone: 8619396-99

          Ahsan Manjil Museum

          Weekly off day: Thursday.
          Open: 3pm-7pm (Friday), 9.00am-5pm (Saturday-Wednesday).
          Phone: 7391122, 7393866

          Bangabandhu Shaikh Mujibur Rahman Memorial Museum

          Weekly off day: Wednesday.
          Open: 10am-5pm (Thursday-Tuesday)
          Phone: 8110046.

          Liberation War Museum.

          Weekly off day: Wednesday.
          Open: 10am-6pm (Thursday-Tuesday).
          Phone: 9559091-2.

          Sishu Academy Museum 

           Weekly off day: Friday and Saturday.
          Open: 9am-5pm (Sunday-Thursday).
          Phone: 9558874.

          National Science and Technology Museum

          Weekly off day: Thursday and Friday.
          Open: 9am-5pm (Saturday-Wednesday)
          Phone: 9112084
          Entry Fees: 5tk per person.
          In Saturday and Sunday you can view the sky with telescope from 6pm for 10tk.

          Zoo in Dhaka City:

          Dhaka Zoo
          Weekly off day: Sunday.
          Open: 8am-6pm (Monday-Saturday)
          Phone: 835035,9002020,9002738,9003252.
          Entry Fees: 10tk per person.

          Parks in Dhaka City:

          Shahid Jia Sishu Park
          Weekly off day: Sunday
          Open: 1pm-7pm (Monday-Saturday)
          Phone: 8623304
          Entry Fees: 8tk per person
          Ride Fees: 6tk Per Person

          Bahadur Shah Park
          Open: All day between 5am-9am and 3pm-10.30pm

          Nandan Park
          Open: All day between 10am-10pm
          Phone: 9890283,9890292,01819223529

          Fantasy Kindom
          Open: All day between 11am-7pm
          Phone: 9896482,8833786,7701944-49

          Arts Gallery in Dhaka

          1. Joynul Gallery-1
          Charukola Anushod, Dhaka University

          2. Shipangon Gallery
          Charukola Anushod, Dhaka University

          3. Gallery Chitrok
          H#21,R#4, Dhanmondi Residential Area

          4. Bengal Gallery of fine Arts
          275/F, R#16 (New), Dhanmondi

          5. Gallery Kaya
          H#20, R#1, Sector-4, Uttara

          6. Dhaka Art Center
          H#60, R# 7/A, Dhanmondi

          7. La gallery
          H#7/A, R#13, Gulshan-1

          8. Concert
          MuktoMoncho, Robindro Sorobor, Dhanmondi

          9. Geto Institute
          H#10, R#9(New), Dhanmondi


          Shopping Market or Place in Dhaka City - Bangladesh:

          If you don't know the place from where to buy your particular products in Dhaka city then this page will guide you to the right place.

          Shopping Mall:
          Bashundhara Garden City: Panthapath.
          Jamuna Future Park: Kuril Bishwaroad (under construction)

          Aquarium,Birds,Pets: Katabon,Dhaka University Market.

          Mozaik,Marble stone,Commode: Hatirpool,Sonargaon Road,Eskaton Road.

          New & Old Books: Nilkhet,Banglabazar,Purana Paltan, New Market,Aziz Super Market.

          Electronic Device: Gulistan,Stadium market,Elephent road,Agargaon(IDM),

          Mobile Sets and Replacement : Motalib Plaza,Hatirpool,Eastern Plaza,Stadium Market.

          Coin and Taka (change): Bangladesh Bank,Nababpur Road (Gulistan).

          Shoes,Belt,Bags:  Elephant road,New market,Baitul Mukarram,Paulwell Market.

          Carpet: Elephant,Purana paltan.

          All kind of Homeo Medicine: New market,Purana paltan,Shantinagar,Hosni dalan.

          Renting Labor: Fakirer pool,New Market,Malibagh railgate,Khilkhet.

          Van or Pushing Vehicle: Kathalbagan,Tejkunipara,Chankharpool,Jatraari.

          Truck and Pickup: Chankharpool,Tejgaon,Gabtoli.

          Islamic Books,cap,Tsbih: Baitul mukarram Mosque are,Chokhbazar,Banglabazar.

          Cloths,dress,Cosmetics: New market,Gausia,Chadni Chok,Mouchak market,Rajdhani super market,Bashundhara Garden city.

          Medicine: Shahbagh,Kolabagan,Mitford.

          Arrange a Marriage car with flowers: Shahbagh,katabon,High court area.

          Brick,Stone,Sand,Cement: Gabtoli,Pagla.

          Furniture: Gulshan-1 Market,Opposite of Bashundhara Garden city (panthapath).

          Chain Superstore (big multi  product store with fixed price,where almost all kind of products are available in one shop)
          Agora  (provides online shopping too)
          Nandan Mega shop

          Kacha bazaar (green and fresh vegetables,fish,fruits etc)
          Kawran Bazzar
          Gabtoli Bazaar


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