Saturday, September 24, 2011

Sachin Tendulkar’s 50 over Format Change Proposal Rightly Rejected by the ICC

Sachin Tendulkar Sachin Tendulkar wants the 50 overs format changed, ICC thinks 
It is no new news that Sachin Tendulkar wanted the fifty overs format changed. Even
as the idea, already pitched and in trial in a few countries such as Australia, was being
considered on the basis whether there were vested business interests behind the
venture, that has to be investigated as well with the ICC rightly turning down the idea.

Sachin Tendulkar, who missed the ODI series in England with the recurrence of a toe
injury, is in India but appears in serious doubt as far as his participation as the Mumbai
Indians captain in the Champions League Twenty20 2011 is concerned as a result
of that injury. However, other things have kept Sachin Tendulkar busy including a
proposal to the ICC to change the one day game as it presently stands.

What is interesting is that Tendulkar is essentially raking up an old issue and although
the idea of the one day game being split into four alternate innings of twenty-five overs
each is being attributed to him, it would seem that the timing of the issue being raised
is once again questionable.

However, while the novelty of the idea is certainly interesting, the ICC has made its
decision validated by the ICC Cricket World Cup 2011 wherein the one day
international format received a roaring response, particularly more so since India went
onto to win the final and lift the trophy after twenty-eight years. That the format itself
has been a reasonable success can be attested to by the fact that given the right kind
of marketing and tweaks, the interest in one day format is far from redundant.

There has been a previous issue with regard to Cricket Australia changing the one day
format in domestic cricket to a split format. However, there were also implications that
the changes were being enforced upon not only to enhance the revenue aspect derived
from the fifty overs format of the sport but also, because of some business interests
behind the sport who preferred the split format. Although the one day cricket format
has taken a bit of a beating since the advent of Twenty20, there has been little reason
to actually do away with the format as is. Rather what it did require was a bit of
innovation in tweaks aspects of the format that would have enhanced the thrill level
of the sport.

The ICC has taken steps in that regard, particularly with the Power Play overs and
any further changes that do not take away from the essence of the format but rather
enhance the interests need to be encouraged. The ICC is certainly right in not jumping
the gun and has decided to evaluate the game as it evolves with the tastes of the viewer.
Some of the other international cricket captains have suggested that the one day format
could get a shot in the arm if the number of one day internationals played in a series or
tournament could be reduced to a suspenseful number instead of lengthening the series
with what has basically been termed as meaningless ODI matches, which is perhaps
one of the things that the ICC could look at in terms of viewing how the interest in the
one day game can be further injected.


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